Kicha by Anna Placzek / Your mommy, Anna Placzrk

I always wanted a cat to be part of the family. July sometime I went to my cusions house and I went over to this farm with lots of kittens. The lady that lived there told me she was giving the cats away free so
I wanted to take one home.

I was looking for the right kitten to take home but to my suprise this tiny grey and white bundle of fur came running into my arms. As soon as I picked him up he started purring so loud and looked at me telling me he wants to be with me.

When I brought him home he instanly became a member of the family. Everyday I would put him outside so he could play with the dogs and he loved to be outside. His best doggie friend is Shiloh a beagle. They always chase each other in the backyard and play hide and go seek.

One day I put my kitty outside and the next day he was gone. I looked every where for hime. I called the humane society and posted signs about my cat. From this day on I don’t have my cat with me. I miss him very much. I wish he would coem back home. I don’t even know if he was hit by a car or someone took him in.

Kicha, please come home baby.
I’m sorry for being mean when I had a bad day.
I’m truly sorry.


With extra love,
Anna Placzek