Kiki {JellyBean} by Joey / Joey

“You Gave me Strengh”

My dearest Kiki, my best friend
you were always there when I needed you the most.

You never barked but your eyes
always showed love when I arrived,
& especially when I was down.

When I saw you for the very first time,
and I looked into your eyes, I knew right &
then that you would bring love into my life.

You were so fragile at 1 1/2 lb, but your strong spirit
made you strong and smart.

Easter Sunday will always be sad,
because that was the day that you parted
to be with God.

I held you in the night all wrapped in your baby blanket
that you love to have,
as I kissed you that night and said
good night my precious Kiki
I love you so much.

And today I say to you my loving girl,
You are and always be

The Wind Beneath My Wings.


In Loving Memory of KiKi, Jelly Bean,
Kiki {JellyBean}
15, Apr 2001