Kiko Bear by Claudia J.A. / ‘Calla’ (Claudia)

Tonight my best buddy passed. A car hit him but I want to believe that it was quick (no pain) and that it was his time (no ones fault). I will love him forever. Kikobear, I love you very much. Your spirit, smiley face, affection, company, playfulness, intelligence….oh, Kikito may you rest in peace and be in a very happy place; I will cherish the memories.

P.S . I’m happy for the quality time that we had. Today after work I was going to go somewhere else and I’m so happy that I came home instead and got to play with you extra time. I love that I got to give you lots of rubs, play with you catch and show you lots of affection…who knew it would be the last day? I didn’t get to say ‘bye’ but I got to give you lots of attention (what you love). I loved how enthusiastic you became when you saw a ball or when you went to get us your toy so we could play catch with you; or when you sat up like a child so I could rub your belly…you’re such a cutie and great companion 🙂 Thank you for the unconditional love that you gave me (us).

Thanks for always making me (us) feel so special; you knew when I was home before I would even come in and when you saw or heard my name, you were always so excited! I love you; we all miss you. Kiko, Grandma is telling me about all the memories she’s had with you, all the company you gave her; such as the numerous times you sat in the dinning room and watched her cook or turned on your back so she could scratch your belly and then you would give her kisses of appreciation (you’re so sweet) or when she told you to do something you quickly listened…she too loves you very much and will miss you.

I pray that your spirit is resting and that you are somewhere happy (doggie heaven)…I also hope to see you again 🙂 You meant and will always mean so much to me. You’re the best!
Love you,
Claudia, Grandma, Julie and family


With lots of love and affection,
Kiko Bear
26, Nov 2007
Claudia J.A.