Kilo by Vicki


" Kilo "

June 1978 ---- Aug. 1998

In Memory of My Best Friend


I will miss you my dear friend,

Our time together had to end.

I had you in my life so many years,

And in the end cried many tears.


My life will never be the same,

The angels wanted you I can lay no blame.

The joy you brought me they wanted too.

One day they would come for you that I knew.


I will always cherish our love and bond,

And try to accept that your're gone.

In my heart you'll stay,

And I'll feel your love for me day by day.


Know that you're my best friend,

And in time my heart will mend.

I love you so very much,

And forever our hearts will touch.


Kilo my precious friend for 20 years,

I will always love you!