King by Carin Lamberson / Mommy


Has it really been a year and a half since you left for a better place? We had a great 9 years together and even after all this time not a day goes by that I don’t think about you and miss you. You had a rough last couple of years..constant vet appt’s, too many tests, special diets and too many meds for your liking. I just couldn’t give up on you and had to do all I could to keep you with me.

Finally one Friday you went down for good. I knew that day that you would never get up again, unlike the other times. We had a great weekend though, didn’t we? I thought long and hard about what to do..and I knew then that I was keeping you alive for me, and that was not being fair to you,and that it was time to let you go where you would be forever young and pain free.

I decided to keep you home until Monday as even though you couldn’t get up, you still seemed happy and you still had your appetite. I also needed some time before I let you go. All of the kids that knew you and came to love you came over several times a day and picked you up and carried you out to the yard and played with you..just like nothing was wrong. You loved all the attention.

Remember Sunday..I stopped all your meds and bought you a huge steak for what I knew would be your last dinner. Boy, did you ever enjoy never had a whole steak to yourself..just scraps and pieces.

Finally Monday came and I knew I could no longer put off the inevitable. I called the vet and she said to bring you in that afternoon. All the kids came and loaded you into the car. You were so happy to be going for a ride. Little did you know it would be your last.

We got to the vets and she was so kind. She crawled right into the back of the Blazer and examined you there so as not to traumatize you. It was determined that you had a stroke as you had no feeling in the back half of you body. She said there was nothing more we could do for you. We decided to have you put to sleep right there in the it was your favorite place. How you loved to go for rides.

So it was only fitting that your final ride should remain on a happy note for you. She gave you a shot to relax you while I held you in my arms. You were asleep when you got the final shot so you never knew what was happening. Was the way it should be.

How I were my soulmate. Your love was unconditional. I couldn’t imagine not having you to come home too anymore. We took you back home and there we buried you down by the garden you so loved to dig up.

We got you a says…and truer words were never spoken…

If tears could build a stairway,
and memories a lane..
I’d walk right up to Heaven
and bring you home again..
I have your picture in every room so I still get to see you everyday.I will always love you, and even after all this time..I still miss you so much.


With all my love,
14, June 2004
Carin Lamberson