Kira by Becky Tovar / Love always,

Becky and Family

Kira, ever since that day I brought you home you were a joy to me and my family. What a beautiful and smart bird you turned out to be. And a talker, too. You picked up so many words and phrases, but my favorites were when you would say, “I’m a PRETTY bird” and ” I love you, too!” I will miss your chatter, your flap-a-thons, and having you on my shoulder chewing on my earring. What a beautiful yellow and blue bird you were.

I wish you could have been with us longer but cancer was taking you. I hope you understand that when I took you to the vet for the last time that it was for the best and because I loved you. Bye, Kira, I will never forget you and I look forward to seeing you one day on the other side and having you on my shoulder once more, talking to me.


13, Feb 2006
Becky Tovar