Kisha by Alice



" Kisha "

July 15 1983 ------- June 2 2000

Toy Poodle

Kisha (Miss Muffet)


The first time I laid eyes on you I knew you were the pup

I would call mine

A frisky fluffy white little fur ball you were that blossomed

into a beautiful and lovable white canine.


You greeted me each day as you used your long (springboard)

legs to launch into my arms at the door,

So overwhelmed with excitement you were as I sensed how

you missed me who could ask for more?


Always by my side to comfort me in my moments of need -

teaching me the many values of life's ups and downs,

Your passion to be happy was always so inspiring to me,

especially when you were just being your usual "clown".


I loved showing you off when we took our many walks to the park

and beach

Because of your sweet temperament the little ones were always

waiting to greet you even though you stayed far from reach.


My little friend when I learned from Dr. Kelpe you could no longer hear,

I couldn't help but feel deeply saddened since reality was " the final stage

of your life on earth was growing near".


When I brought "Tasha" home hoping to lessen your loneliness in

your final years

You never ceased to amaze me by your intelligence as you used

Tasha as your ears.


During your later years Tasha herded you down the stairs each

day I arrived home

Although unable to do your "springboard" jumps still you were

there to greet me as always so I wouldn't feel so alone.


In your last year of life here on earth you were deprived of your

health and happiness

I struggled so much with the inevitable of letting you go

I know life will never be the same without you Kisha; words cannot

express how I loved you so.

May your life in heaven be filled with all the warmth and happiness

you gave me the many years we shared together,

I think of you daily hoping that in time we'll meet again to be

inseparable forever.


My beautiful and lovable white canine.