Kitty by Kirsten Jones / Your family

For a Brief Moment You Touched Our Hearts

It was too soon to give you a name
we watched you play your kitten games.
Your paws were so dainty,
and your face so perfect it looked painted.

Somebody so small shouldnt have to die,
To think of you, it makes me cry.
A baby girl kitty, so full of awe,
with soft brown pussy-willow paws.

Your blue eyes shine like the sky,
as your soul, you will always fly.
You will soar free above this place,
We will never forget your precious face.

Goodbye little baby girl kitten,
and if I am ever lonely I will listen,
for the sound of your calming purr
and I will know you are there for sure.


with love
11, Sep 2001
Kirsten Jones