Kitty Guy by nancy patterson / Love,

Mom, Dad and kids

Kitty guy he was my male 16 pounds cat. He loved to eat sleep. We had him for 10/half years in our family. He would love to sit on our newspaper and when dad got up from his seat he would come and take it from him.
He was dad’s cat He would beg dad for his food every time; he made funny face to get dad to give him some. We would sometime see him sleeping with our other cat, Nike. They were pals.

One morning dad was about to feed all the cats kitty guy wasn’t at the table. I went to look for him he was under the coach. I took him out and put him on the table he laid there and then got off he was dragging his back legs in alot of pain. Dad knew he was not coming back home from the vets that day. I brought him to the vets a couple of hours later they told me he had a stroke. That’s what happened to him. They said he was not doing good. So me and my husband didn’t want him to suffer and live like that. That wasn’t Kitty Guy. So I went to the vets and went to say my goodbye to him. I held him in my arms for the last time so so sad. I had to let him go it was his time to go to heaven.

I had to tell the kids that was hard to do. The boys kept their feeling inside but I know they were sad. Our daughter took it the hardest she is young. We both cried together. We all miss him very much it will never be the same around here.


Gone but not forgotten,
Kitty Guy
nancy patterson