Klondike by Bob & Heidi Nunes / Mommy & Daddy, Katie, Tim & Gibrien

A Very Special Pal
You came into the world
in a very funny way,
You see, you weren’t expected,
for quite a few more days.

A call was placed to Grandpa
who rushed over with his goodie bag.
A litter of pups we’re having,
Please help us..hurry up Dad!!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven..
Wow, we were in puppy heaven.
Handed over to Mom for some tender loving care,
Wait, here’s one, he looks like a Polar Bear.

A big old head with eyes of gold
He looked like he should live somewhere it’s cold.
He was such a cute little tyke,
We knew in a sec his name, Klondike.

Running all day and having fun,
Fetching that tennis ball, boy could he run
A gentle giant he did grow..
Never ever would he hurt a soul.

His destiny would be to not grow old..
He would have to leave us we were told
But in the short time you were our son
You gave joy to us each and every day
and then some.


Always with us,
17, Aug 2003
Bob & Heidi Nunes