Klondike by Marion and Len Musk / Aunty Julie

We will miss you so much I’m so glad you got to have a family who loved you so dearly before you left and a mommy and daddy and sister I’m so happy you saw what it was like to be loved and spoiled for the last few weeks of your life. I’m sorry you had to be so sad and deprived for 10 years of your life. You got to see what it was like to walk explore and eat good and most of all getting to ride up front with your daddy. I wish I could have seen you and I’m glad you got to see the way things should have been and you didn’t have to die alone. We love you and you will always be in my heart. I will never forget your little face in that picture. Say hi to Sasha and Misty sweet dreams.


With lots of love,
Marion and Len Musk