April 1987 —– Nov. 26 2001


My Kodie came to me when I was terribly depressed 10 years ago.

I used to take care of him for his master.

He knew Kodie would help me to feel better.

So I’d take care of him for weeks at a time.

It got so it was too painful for Kodie and I to part.

I asked his master to let me have him and

we made some agreements that he could visit him.

So Kodie came into my life for the rest of his life here.

He helped me get out of depression.

I learned just by observing him how happy he was to be alive.

He taught me a lot about life.

I miss him soooo much!

I believe he is still with me in spirit.

Sometimes I don’t want to deal with life I want to stay in bed

then I remember how he loved me enough to help me and

so I get up and do life in honor of my Sweetie–Kodie.

He will always be within my heart with me in spirit.