Kody by Jessi Lucas / Mommy & Daddy

Kody our baby boy….you were taken too young.
We will always love you. We talk of you every day. The way you made our bad days good. The never ending love and friendship. You are our son. We kept your pictures on the wall. Your pillow on our bed. Remember how I told you I loved you everyday? I still tell you do you hear me? Sometimes I think I hear you! I just wanted to say I am so so sorry. I should of been home that day. I can’t help but blame myself. I was your mom, your protector and I failed. You were taken too young. Mommy and Daddy miss And love you BUNCHIES:( You are always in my dreams. I see you and your so pain free. I will see my baby boy again soon. You are my Superman….forever.


Always in our hearts forever in our souls.
23, Apr 2005
Jessi Lucas