Koko by Dana / Dana


Koko was my first pet, and I loved her and I still miss her.
Koko was born in a pet store somewhere (I forget the pet store name) I got her when I was 6. She was the only girl in the bunch, and was the size of my hand. She was black, white and brown. My mom wanted me to name her Coffee but I wanted to name her Koko, cause I really liked the signing gorilla, Koko. So I called her kook.

We took her home in a box. We put her in her new cage, got everything ready. She was a little shy, but I knew she loved me. She was sick already, she had mites and an ear infection. She went to the vet and they gave us medicine for her.

One year passed. I got a dog. Then, I am really sorry Koko, I started paying less attention to her. But I still petted her and
fed her and loved her.

The years went by. Koko was fine and loved life. I loved Koko. She would squeak whenever my mom or I petted her. Then Koko got an infection in her paws. The vet could do nothing. She was still very happy, even though the bubbles of blood burst sometimes. She died of old age. I love Koko!!!


I will always miss you,