Koko by Mary / Your mom’s friend

I remember bringing you home that day,
Your eyes so deep and scared,
I gave you hugs and kisses
To let you know I cared.

I promised you a home that day
One filled with love and care,
I promised you a heartfelt spot
Within my heart and prayers.

You were so small yet feisty.
I couldn’t help but laugh at you.
You charmed your way into my life
Like seldom ever do.

My next step was to find your name
And oh my, did I think.
I thought of names so grand and bold
But you didn’t give a wink.

The name I finally gave you
Wasn’t filled with grandiose
The simple name you came to love
Was spoken from my voice.

You came to know my every thought.
You amazed me everyday.
You knew just when to be there
And when to stay away.

You knew when I was happy.
We would play till hours end.
You knew when I felt broken.
My heart you’d always mend.

I saw you getting older.
I put it from my mind.
The years we’ve spent together
The courage, I could not find.

Until the day I saw my friend
With those same scared puppy eyes
Age had made them weary
But had also made them wise.

They begged of me my promise.
I had made years long ago
To fill your life with wonder
Yet know when to let you go.

They told me of a different time
One filled with future dreams.
I promise I will be there
No matter what that means.

Tonight I say goodbye to you.
A promise to the end.
Tonight I say goodbye
Goodbye, my dearest friend.


I know you will always be missed Koko.
10, Nov 2003