KoKo II by Don & Rita

In Memory of KoKo II

I miss your gentle loving stare
As you sat beside my chair.
I miss your head upon my knee
As you rode in the truck with me.

I miss your worried deep brown eyes
When you saw the darkened skies.
I miss the way you perked your ears
As we shared a Three Musketeers.

I miss the dirt upon your nose;
From burying a bone I suppose.
I miss your paw tap tap tap
As you woke me from my nap.

I miss the bark outside the door.
When for me you could wait no more
For the help you needed
to move the boards.
To catch the mouse that chews on cords.

I miss our romps into the woods.
To check where every critter stood.
I miss you as I take a walk;
In silence now no need to talk.

I miss your eyes so clear and bright
Which slowly dimmed
then lost their light.
I miss your tail always wagging
Even as your strength was waning.

I miss it all my friend so brave
As I stand here by your grave.
It was so hard to let you go;
We’ll meet again I hope you know.
We’ll romp and walk
without the pain;
Just the two of us together again.

Goodbye KoKo – We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge – You were a gentle loving companion and we loved you beyond measure. You live on in our hearts.

Don & Rita


27, Aug 2001
Don & Rita