Koko Puff by Rhonda and Ron simpson / Love always,


My Dearest Koko Puff,

You will be missed butnot for gotten you will always be in my heart. I know this year has been hard on you. You stayed with me one more year after dad passed away. I guess the good lord blessed me with you for this past year and I know it was a hard year on you, Koko Puff.
Thank you for all you have done in my life you brought me some much happiness. I will always love you, Koko Puff.

Dear Koko Puff,

While you could not speak the words,
I could hear the whispers of your voice.
Telling me it was time and rejoice.

You decided it was time to go and find your resting ground.
You lay down your tired head and went without a sound.

In my heart I know you loved me,
as much as I loved you.
I pray you’ve found peace,
that’s helped to see me through.

I thank you for all the joy in my life and the smiles you’ve brought me.

May God guide you on your journey and may your spirt always run free.

Thank you my dearest friend, Koko Puff, you will be missed but never forgotten.

Untill we meet again my friend,

I love you, Koko Puff. May god be with you always.


Rhonda and Ron
Gabby and Jake and Bonkers and Cricket and Oscar.

Everyone loved you Koko and Mom and
Chuck loved you, too.


Until we meet again,
Koko Puff
19, July 2004
Rhonda and Ron simpson