Kriptonite by Taylor / Momma

Oh, how I wish I still had my baby…

One Wednesday night, my friend had dropped me off from church. As I got out of the car, I saw a little figure pass my front porch. I figured it was a dog, but I was wrong. It was a gift, a gift from God in dog form.

He had been sleeping in our shed, and I have been leaving food and water in there for him. I always tried to catch him, but I always failed. One day when he was sleeping under my neighbors camper, I cornered him. I started to pet him. I picked him up and put him in my other dogs kennel. That night I picked the name Kriptonite Keller. I had bought him a black collar and had fattened him up, given him a bath and groomed him. Kripto had 8 tumors and an eruptered eye. He had alot of trouble breathing, he breathed form his mouth, and his stomach moved very fast when he did, every time he drank, he would cough and gag. One day, I noticed another tumor on his neck. I knew, since he was very old already, he didn’t have much time.

A few days later, my mom forced me to take him to our animal shelter to be put down. I didn’t seem to be affected by the thought much, but when I got there and had to say goodbye, my eyes were drowning with tears. I begged my mom to take him back home, but we didn’t. I had to walk out without my baby.

Now, I cry everyday, everynight, every moment I hear his name. I miss him soooooo much. But I know that he was a gift from God, and he did his job on earth. Kripto, I LOVE YOU

(Look closely on his left leg and on the left side of his neck under his collar. You can see 2 tumors. Also, you can see that
his right eye is eruptered)


Hugs and Kisses and Hugs and Kisses,