Krueger by Erin and Rich / Mummy and Daddy

This little guy was the smallest of all the gerbils and the cutest. He was a biter at first, because he did not know any better. Mom and dad brought him home to meet brother, Voorhees. Krueger was to be the name of this munchkin because mommy loves Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Krueger would often have to put up with Voorhees and
his standing on him.

Krueger did not like it but he was tolerant. When it came to food, Krueger was right there for it. He did not mind climbing the tall tower for the alfalfa, I believe he learned quicker than Voorhees did. When we out, the carrier was what Krueger could have lived without. He hated it in there, so small and could not run around. When we got home he was delighted to run around on mommy’s bed for hours. Sometimes by himself, other times with Voorhees right up on his butt, poor guy. When mommy would walk by, she would be greeted by this cute little guy. Of course he just wanted to get away from Voorhees and climb up mommy’s chest to sleep right next to her ear on her shoulder. Mommy held him with great delight and often kissed his nose.

Both mommy and daddy loved him so and will never forget this little guy. He did not live long at all, and it was way before his time to pass but he was loved living and will be loved while gone. He put an imprint on both mommy and daddy’s hearts and it will never leave, for
he will always be with us.


With all our love,
Erin and Rich