Krugger by Candice / Candice and Family

Krugger was a addorable cat he liked to be left alone but everytime there was food he would come and beg for it like a dog.
One morning my brother wrote to me on msn saying that Krugger had died.I was so surprised to here that because when I said to my mom and step dad I think Krugger is sick because he wouldnt eat or walk around no more and he used to wonder around the house all the time.
My mom and step dad just said he had depression and I said no he seems pretty sick and my mom said no he isn’t and then they left to Kelowna and left my 21 year old brother at home till they got back so that how he told me.
My brother also told me 2 days befor that he was eating cat litter and going to the washroom on the floor or where ever he was.
The next day he was puking up blood all over the place,but the next morning my brother found him lying under the kitchen table dead :'(.


We will miss u Krugger and u will always be in our hearts (L)