Kruise by Michele Fowble / Mommy

Running though tall wild flowers with a wag

in your tail and a smile on your face.

That is where I imagine your at now, such a beautiful place.

The time that you were here you brought us such joy.

You were an object of affection, timeless and coy.

Your personality was one of a kind.

So loyal and loving, with a witty mind.

Always standing by my side.

No matter my emotion, you were there with pride.

I am grateful for the time that we had.

Still you having to leave makes me so sad.

I close my eyes and feel you are still here.

When I open my eyes, they just fill with tears.

As they say time will heal.

No other animal will never change the way I feel.

When I go to sleep at night, we will be together.

For our bond will be forever.


Good Night My Sweet Boy,
21, Feb 2008
Michele Fowble