Kurama by Linda McCans / mama


I gave my heart to this tiny soul,
you made me happy, you made me whole.
You made me see what real love was,
with licks and kisses and a kittens hugs.
You stayed with me through uncertain days,
with your gentle purrs and your childlike ways.
The way you hung ten over the front door,
made me laugh until I was on the floor.

You’d prance through the field so sure and proud,
You’d answer my calls with a vigorous meow.
I see you still, climbing the walnut trees,
climbing so high that you were hard to see.
Having to call your name to get you down,
you’d gone too high, so far off the ground.
Finally you’d reach my waiting arms,
there’d be no fear, nothing to harm.
Now you’re gone my little one,
my precious kitten, so full of fun.
You left me the day my cancer treatment was done,
you came to me with a purpose and then you were gone.

Your message so pure, your mission fulfilled,
My tears flow freely even still.
I know you’re waiting beyond this life,
We’ll meet again when there’s no pain or strife.
I wish we had the years you deserved,
but an angel you were sent, only to serve.
Only a few months we had my gentle Kurama,
I’ll remember you always, my little mama.


With all my love always,
24, Mar 2004
Linda McCans