Kylee by Casey Griffin and Gary Dennis / Mommy and Daddy

I came home one day and found out we got a puppy. Kylee was so cute. She was so spoiled. She was so picky that she would only eat Beniful. She was the best dog ever. She rang a bell on the door when she wanted out; she knew how to speak, shake, and sit. She was a very smart dog; she loved kids but wasn’t too fond of other animals. We decided we wanted her to have a litter of puppies before we got her spayed. After the third try it worked; she was so big and miserable. I felt so bad for her.

Within the last few weeks she stopped eating and got weaker and weaker. I had to carry her up and down the stairs cause she couldn’t walk. The morning she passed we had her at the vet cause we thought she need an emergency c-section, but I guess the vet didn’t think so. We brought her home and later she got worse. She couldn’t keep anything down. We called the vet back but insured us she was ok. Well about 20 mins later, she quit breathing. We tried to do CPR no luck. So we lost her and the puppies.

The next day we took her to get cremated and found out she would of had 9 puppies. I guess there was too many for her to handle. We walk around here thinking she is gonna come in the room any minute but then we remember shes gone. Kylee we miss you. We love you, Kylee.


With love,
Casey Griffin and Gary Dennis