Kyoto Hanna

September 28, 2006 – August 8, 2020.
Sweet Hannah, you were truly something. I know Heidi missed you terribly, but you could not accompany her to England, so you got to live with us and you had a new little brother and “little” sister, although she was older. It must have been quite an adjustment for you and it did take a while, but you adapted. You certainly loved lizard hunting on our back porch and there are at least two black racers that don’t come into our yard anymore. You did like to hunt.

Not long after we brought you home, we discovered a lump on your hind leg and discovered you had a mast cell tumor. This was removed but your recovery was something else. You did not like that cone at all. In fact, you were an expert at removing it. You recovered well from surgery, but we were unsure about getting everything. Then, early this year you were diagnosed with stage 2 kidney failure. You were still spry and doing your thing so medication and a change in diet certainly helped. I wanted you as happy and as comfortable as you could be.

Ultimately, you learned to be playful but you did like your own space. I think you established a rapport with Spock and Sabrina so everyone knew where to be (or not)…it must have been quite an adjustment. Now that you have crossed Rainbow Bridge, I’m sure you’re racing after squirrels and lizards to your doggie heart’s content. You can run now, big beautiful girl, run, run, run! We miss you!

You will always have a place in all of our hearts.
October 8, 2020
Joan Altizer