Kyra by Kristine / Best Friend

Kyra’s Song by Kristine Harper

When I first met her
she turned and looked away
but from that moment on
at my side she would stay.

At first she didn’t like the car rides
because she thought I was dropping her off
but then loved the wind blowing on her face,
with fur flying everywhere that was ever-so-soft.

Even at the dog park
she had no interest in any other
for surely somebody might steal me away
as I was her den mother.

Through the years
we had walked everywhere
the marina, waterfront,
and here and there.

While we walked
she’d look up at me and smile
thanking me for taking her
on each adventure mile.

Everybody that saw her
was charmed and would say
“she’s so cute and how do you keep her so white?!”
I would just smile proudly
to me she was just adorable
each day and night.

When I pet sit other dogs
her role was “lil mama,”
constantly correcting them
she would often bark
the pack was then spoiled
with trips to the local park.

Getting praised and adored
was truly her favorite feat
I was convinced she thought
her name was really “treat”.

Her eyes were full of expression
Telling me her thoughts
I will remember those brown eyes forever
I’ll miss them a lot.


RIP Lil Mama,
10, Oct 2014