Laace by Kaylin Zimmerman / Kaylin

I was not around when Laace was born. Nor did my mother see her at birth. She was passed down to my mother from two or three other owners.

Yet the time we had with her was like heaven. Whenever Mom, Dad, and me went riding with her, that was so peaceful.

We usually took two horses with us, Laace and Snipper, a quarter horse. Then we would go for long rides in the desert. We would go on and on, feeling the wind and the horses’ mane whipping our faces. It was like we were riding through the stars.

Once, when I was little, Laace had ripped open a gash on her hind leg and went lame. So the last time I had ever ridden her was when I was six.

When she was old, just last month, the gash opened again. It was too serious. She had to be put down.

As you know, I have posted many sites up. I have also inspired one of my friends in Arizona, Karian Philips(I’m not too sure how its spelled), to even post one up about her dog Sadie. Just remember, they are all going to a better place.

Continue to ride through the skies Laace, I’ll be riding with you.


Kaylin Zimmerman