Lacey Lloyd by Jill Lloyd / Mommy and Alfred

You were my 14th birthday present
You lived to be sixteen
You had a heart of gold
and a “Lace” pattern on your wings

You gave me your all
You were the best
You’ve been so tired
Now its your time to rest.

I’ll miss your songs
and the beautiful way you’d say “hello”
to me everyday!

Look for Blackie, Tobi-Anna and Brett too,
and Frances and Marilyn’s angels will help
take care of you!

You’re in God’s arms
What a wonderful place to be!
I will NEVER forget you, Lacey
Please don’t forget me!

I love and miss you, Lacey Girl!


With All The Love in My Heart,
Lacey Lloyd
5, May 2003
Jill Lloyd