Laddie Boynton

Dec. 1997 —- Aug. 26 2000


From the day we picked you up from the SPCA 6/19/99 we knew you

were special those big beautiful brown eyes made our hearts melt.

Your passing has changed our lives forever. You slept with us took trips with us,

and oh how you loved to ride in the truck with daddie & Peanut.

You were always ready for a ride. Now we miss you not greeting us when we

arrive home from work each day. You were so full of life right up to

your last hour that it’s so hard to believe you had a medical problem.

You were too young to die and now we are left with a big empty

space in our lives. When I close my eyes I can see your cute little face

and still feel you resting on my shoulder. You were so lovable.

Laddie I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over your death.

Peanut misses you very much-she keeps looking for you to come home.

She is lonely and is going to need a buddy to keep her company while we

are at work-we know you would understand if we got her a mate.

God please take care of Laddie he meant the world to all of us.

Laddie you and Ace(6/3/99) take care of each other.

Daddie Mommie Peanut

& family


Laddie Boynton