LADDIE by Donna / Mom

Birthday Memorial Poem for Laddie

It’s Thursday August 3rd, 2006,
and it is your Birthday.
You would have turned 15 my friend,
but God took you away.
It was also on a Thursday,
just seven weeks ago,
When God took you in his arms and
said “Come Laddie, it’s time to go”.

On that fateful Thursday,
He sent angels to be by your side,
I wanted to keep you longer,
and so much I have cried.
Very early that morning June 15th,
I went to check on you.
And saw your little body lying there,
now I need angels, too.

My heart is so terribly broken,
and my sorrow is so long,
But I hear the Lord’s voice saying
that I must be strong.
I ask Him for strength and comfort,
I pray for peace of mind,
I feel so lost and empty,
being the one whose left behind.

I know God hears my crys
each morning and night,
But His hand is strong and
he’ll help me see the light.
He knows how much I miss you Laddie,
and saw how much I care
But he had to take you my little pet,
so no more ill health,
you’d have to bear.

For your Birthday,
I went to our favorite grassy place.
I missed petting you and
kissing your cute little face.
It was very lonely and
I couldn’t help but cry,
It just wasn’t the same there
without my little guy.

I missed you drinking water
out of your little thermos dish,
I sat there feeling lonely
wanting you there as my biggest wish.
I missed us playing tug of war
with your favorite carrot toy.
I took carrot with me to remember,
all the fun I had with my little boy.

I took with me photos
of previous years gone by,
With some of you as a baby,
others as a grown guy.
You were the best of the best,
I say that with no doubt
But the pain in my heart
without you tonight,
was a very hurtful bout.

I took you in your little urn,
to have you by my side.
I had your little framed photo
but still I cried.
It’s lonely without you, my dear friend,
I long to see you once more,
And I know I will my precious pet,
when God calls me through that same door.

So Happy Birthday, my dear Laddie.
I sure miss you a lot.
The years and fun we had together,
will never be forgot.
You were the best gift from God,
that I had ever received.
And I know someday we’ll meet again,
as I have always believed.


With much Love,
Birthday Kisses and Hugs,
15, June 2006