On December 28, 1993 you came to us at the age of 4 years after spending several months in a local shelter. We introduced you to “Highlands Merlin” (ID#2082) our Black Labrador. After awhile the two of you became inseparable: you walked, swam, played Frisbee and ball together. Everything you two did together was competitive in a friendly manner. You were smaller and lighter but the faster runner and the faster swimmer.

At first you were aloof and would snap, growl and show your teeth whenever we came near. If the house door opened, or you could get it opened, you were gone down the street in a flash (one year you climbed a pile of snow in the backyard, scaled over the fence, and down the street you went). Luckily we were always able to find you and bring you back.

We began to sing, “I love a Brandy, I love a Brandy, Oh my Lady Brandy, Oh my Lady Brandy, I got kisses for you, you got kisses for me?” At first you would growl and show your teeth but we would continue with, “Oh look at the smiles” and kiss the top of your nose. Eventually you accepted us and began to give back kisses.

You had a fairly healthy life until Merlin died on November 27, 2000. You mourned for your friend and we thought at times we would lose you to your depression. Bill began to take you to the boatyard while he was working on our boat. You walked and walked, swam a little, and returned to rest at Bill’s side. When you had enough you would bark to let Bill know it was time to go home.

As the years went by we added Dover (ID#24141), Kensey (the cockatiel), Lloyd and Midnight (ID#30852). You seemed to favor Lloyd (another Black Labrador) but this time with an older appreciation.

Three years ago you began to have the start of a neurological problem with your back legs. As time went on you no longer played with the Frisbee or ball, swam very little but continued to walk the backyard and the boatyard.

On Thursday November 4, 2004 you barked to go out and as you were being picked up you cried but went outside anyway. As you were being helped back in you collapsed and we thought you were dying. You rallied one more time to take a walk around your house and this was the last time you were able to walk. We knew your walking days were over and that being your life, on November 5, 2004 we let you join your buddy Merlin and your other friends Muffi, Cola, Dover and Midnight who were waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.

Your friend Lloyd kissed you good-bye and we teary eyed said for the last time, “We love you Brandy, Oh my Lady Brandy we have kisses for you….”


Dolores and Bill Phoel