Lady by Jerry / Uncle Jerry, Mommy, Grandma ,Grandpa and Uncle Kyle

It’s been 3 years
since Lady died she was my sister’s dog.
I don’t exactly remember when we got her.
Every time when me or anyone in the family gets
home she used to whine and jump up on us. She was also a bed hogger. She got along with my cat nuisance. She hated the car because she’ll get carsick. She was a good listener. One time my sister put tuna fish on me while I was asleep and had Lady lick it off she was spoiled.

Then one day I let her outside to go to the bathroom then when my father called her to come back in. Then a fast car was coming and hit her and was being dragged. I thought she would be alright because I thought it was only her opened up leg. My dad took her the vets but said nothing could be done
so she was put down. We’ll miss you, Lady.


With Love from,