Lady will be loved and cherished as long as I live. She was a trained guard dog but not only that she was a beloved pet. She was with me 24-7 she never left my side. She was beautiful in stature as well as spirit.

2 Years ago she began to have seizures and every time she would come out of one she would always come to me to make sure I was alright. I would hold her until the seizure past. This created a bond that I can’t even describe. She was more than just my protector she was my friend my companion my confidant and somehow soul mate. I miss her grace and her pose when I decided to put her to sleep and as I held her as she took her last breath she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes saying Thank You Thank You for loving me enough to let me go. After that I sat for quite awhile just holding her and wishing with all my heart that I could have done more for her.

When I look back at what she did for me I realized she was here for a purpose and her purpose had been fulfilled. This does not make me miss her any less but it makes me happy to know that she was mine and she loved me with heart and soul.

I Believe she took with her a piece of my heart Oct. 23,2001 to keep close until I can meet her at the Rainbow Bridge and we can once again go home together.



23, Oct 2001