Lady Delilah by The Swindlehurst Family / The Swindys

Every now and then, we are given a gift,
Which gives our spirits that needed lift.
A gift that asks for nothing in return,
Except the chance our love to earn.

You gave us comfort, love, and delight
And we adored you from the very first sight
With a simple, soft, and furry touch,
You moved our hearts and gave us so much.

A wagging tail, those big brown eyes,
A tiny pup’s head, upon our thighs,
Our greatest woes you could amend,
It does you no justice, to call you ‘friend.’

But we knew forever it would not last
Fifteen years had quickly gone past
And then the day finally came
When you at last our God did claim.

With a heavy heart and a saddened nod,
We knew you were only on loan, a soldier of God
We knew that one day, his angels must roam,
And now you can rest, for you can go home.

But you have not gone, you did not die
You are merely waiting, for me in the sky,
And someday, I know, I will meet you again,
For I know that all dogs go to Heav’en.


We love you, Lady,
Lady Delilah
1, July 2003
The Swindlehurst Family