Lady Di by Diane Fitzhugh / MOM


I can remember when I first brought you home from Chino Hills. I was so happy and I could hold you in one hand. You were such a great friend. I never had trouble with you as far as potty. It’s like you just knew you had to go outside. You were always a very quite puppy. At eight weeks you just slept alot, so I thought ok when she gets bigger, (which you never did) she will play like a puppy, but you never did.

You always sat on my lap and stared at me. You did that til the day you passed away. I bought you all sorts of toys but you were not interested. I knew you were the daughter I never had. You and I traveled alot. I know if you were not welcome somewhere, Mom never went either. I only went where I knew I could take you. One day Mom got a great idea. I would buy you a purse so I could take you every where with me. You were so smart that when we went to the mall I would tell you to keep your head down so I would not get in trouble and we never got caught.

We did some really crazy things, but I will say this. I think you traveled more than any animal I know. You saw alot. You were always the center of attention, your little 4 lb frame with your long black and tan hair that mom always used the best hair products on. I would never let anyone hold you because remember you got scared? not only that I was afraid that someone would take you from me. I would have to hurt someone, ha ha. Well Lady My heart is still empty. No one will ever fit that spot you filled for me. It will be empty for the rest of my life.

I think about you every day and every night. When I go to bed I cry because you are not there. I miss you so much Lady. I want you to know that you were the daughter I never had. Mom always told you that. I still mean it. When your kidneys were failing, I gave you dialysis to see if it would help you but it seems like it made you worse. I am so sorry. I should have just left it and let you continue how you were. I know dialysis made you very weak. I am so sorry. I will never forgive myself for that. I was just trying to save you. When I cried and asked you not to leave me because I could not take it you cried and whimpered and I knew that something you were trying to tell me was that you had to go. When you passed on in my arms I felt your spirit go inside me. I only wish I could get your ashes out and feel what I used to feel.

I kiss you every night. Paacki you will always be moms heart and mind. I love you pik-a-lita. Wait for me at the bridge and I will pick you up once again………Until then I love you.



Lady Di
Diane Fitzhugh