Lady Fox Roxanne-Roxie by Debbie

For Roxie my little girl.
A baby ball of fur the first time I saw you.
Fur the color of the sun warm soft to touch.

The years passed you were still my little girl.
Always my little girl.
My friend.
My family.
Walks under the summer sky.
Walks in the winter snow.
Naps by the woodstove.

At age thirteen you were still my little girl.
In my heart in your heart age never mattered.
You seemed tired and ready for Summerland.
Our eyes locked and you never blinked.
Still my baby you died in my arms on a warm summer day.
I planted a beautiful bush on your shell’s resting place.
Not as beautiful as you.

I keep a picture of you in my bedroom in my wallet.
I planted white roses symbolic of you and I together forever.
Thoughts of you even now.
Be happy healthy and free.
Mommy will be with you again.
I miss you.
I love you.



Lady Fox Roxanne-Roxie
23, July 1996