Lady Tori V Crystal Fame by Harold & Sue Waddell / Mommy & Daddy

The Tor-Meister

You were such a good girl, never giving us a moments worry. Never sick a day in your life, until 3 weeks ago. You started limping, & we found a big lump on your rear leg. The vet said words we did NOT want to hear again….”bone cancer”. We could not & would not let you suffer, so we made the heart wrenching decision to send you to the “Rainbow Bridge”.

I’ll never forget that one bad snow storm where the snow was so deep, you could hop right over your fence. You’d jump over your fence, then jump right back, into your yard. We laughed so hard & made a game of it & had fun. You were so funny that day. That is one of my fondest memories!!!

You’re safe & happy & free of pain, sweetie, with all your sisters. Have fun romping around with them. Tell them all “Hi”, & give them all hugs & kisses from us, until we meet again. We miss you all, very, very much!!!!!

You’ll always have a place in our hearts & our thoughts,
Tor-meister & be forever missed!!!!


Loving & missing you,
Lady Tori V Crystal Fame
25, Aug 2005
Harold & Sue Waddell