Lance by Anne Burke / Your human Mom, Anne

For Lance, beloved friend and guardian.
You came to me on a rainy day in February,1993.You came to me when I needed you the most. I may have hesitated when I looked into your beautiful brown eyes that day, but you never did. From that moment on, you became my friend and guardian. I thought that I was your guardian, but time proved that it was you who was my guardian. Only you remained true to me, never wavering through death, illness, and financial loss. Your determination to live and enjoy life, always amazed me. You touched so many hearts, mine most of all. But finally, your body gave out, your tremendous spirit tired, and you passed into eternity. Although you no longer walk the earth, you will always walk in the sun and shadow of my memory. When I look up at the stars, I know that you now walk in beauty, traveling through time, in starlight. My bud bud, you are truly my angel boy now.


With Love, and in loving memory,
4, Feb 2004
Anne Burke