Larry by Rachel Morgan / Mommy

You were just a baby,
as small as could be,
you didn’t even have your eyes open,
when you came to me.

I bottle fed you for a while,
I always enjoyed that,
then you got big enough,
to eat pecans and nuts.

Eventually you got to big,
to stay in a small cage,
I had to put you outside,
I know it was such a big change.

You stayed in a pen for a while,
so you could get used to the outdoors,
I knew I would have to let you go,
I just wasn’t ready yet.

You started getting loose,
so I let you out to play,
you always came back,
you never went away.

Then one day I came home from school,
to find out that you were hurt,
I remember getting very mad,
when I found out that my dog did that to you.

I took you to work with me at the vet,
the doctor looked at you,
and we did x-rays of your little body,
and found out that it had broke your back.

You could have lived on,
but what kind of life would that have been,
You would’ve had to stay inside,
for the rest of your life.

I’m sorry I put you to sleep,
I thought it was the best for you,
I didn’t want to watch you suffer,
I didn’t know what else to do.

I love you so much,
and will always miss you,
you were my very first squirrel,
and my baby too.


I love you, Larry,
3, Feb 2004
Rachel Morgan