Leah by Fred and Deb LaPoint / Fred LaPoint

For Leah:

“Lesson from a Companion”

Timeless passions; together we shared,
acting like children; if we dared.
From early on; we connected,
strong like pillars; fully erected.

Seasons came; and time has passed,
awaiting our faiths; our journeys last.
Trial and error; and through tribulation,
you and I have a relation.

Though not of blood; you are my brother,
for I would have it; in no way other.
Sharing lifes passions;living each day,
yearning for youth; wanting to play.

Memories of old; rekindling the past,
our youthful spirits; hoping they last.
Friendships come; and friendships fade,
upon our hearts; this burden laid.

Seperate lives; we must live,
passions yearned for; things we give.
It’s not the burden; or the pain,
in the end; it’s what we gain.

From youth to elder; and in between,
pillers over time; they must lean.
Weakened foundation; structures cracked,
coming apart and; un-evenly stacked.

Within nature; things move along,
forging onword; leaving the past.
Within the passing; of each day,
Relationships strengthen; or fade away.

Our history is past; future unknown,
our lives are not; etched in stone.
Word to the wise; live each day,
be it known; we’re withering away.


Wishing you a blessed journey..
11, Aug 2006
Fred and Deb LaPoint