Lexa by Michele Petacciato / Mommy

To my precious Lexa

You gave us all so much love and happiness in the 8 years you were with us. You had a good life and we have so many wonderful memories of those 8 years we had together. Unfortunately your end wasn’t a good one. We hated watching you starve with that horrible diesease…Mega E.

I will never forget what that disease can do to a poor helpless animal. I’m so sorry you had to suffer like that in the end. That’s why my decision to let you go and be at peace was such a hard one, but yet I knew you would be happier. So now you’re with your sister Sasha and of course Pa. I was told that you ran into his arms when you met him. That makes me feel so much better. So until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge…I hope you are happy and I hope you are watching down on us and loving your new sister Laci.


I will always love you,
4, June 2005
Michele Petacciato