Lexi by Kathy


" Lexi "

Feb. 14 1985 ------ Oct. 11 1998


My Best Friend


When she was just a few weeks old,

She ran and jumped in the grass she rolled;

On our first walk in the park,

she scared herself when she let out a bark.

Her toys consisted of bones balls and socks,

she even liked newspapers rags and a box.


When she was older around two or three,

her loyalty and love really surprised me;

From room to room everywhere I went,

she’d follow me closely and not lose my scent;

We’d run and play and hike at the lake,

afterward she’d lay by my feet and take a break.


At night when it was time for the lights to be out,

she’d crawl under the bed and snore without a doubt;

When she got cold or lonely under there,

she’d jump on the bed and snuggle in my hair.

Morning would come and before I could rise,

She’d be in my face and wake me to my surprise.


When things were bad and really seemed rotten,

Her trust and companionship could not be forgotten.

She was always there through the good and the bad,

I took it for granted and didn’t realize what I had.

The unconditional love she gave was much more than I deserved,

I wish it was something that could be bottled and preserved.


She became a senior before I was ready,

She died in my arms and I was anything but steady.

Now that she’s gone the pain is more than I’ve known

I often wonder whether I can go on being alone.

She’s gone from this world but in my heart she’ll remain,

Lexi my dog life will never be the same.