Lexie Girl by Jake / Daddy

Baby Girl

Not Long Ago You Left My Side.
But By Now I Know You’ve Learned To Fly.
Now You Run And Play Without The Pain.
In Open Fields And Grassy Plains.
I Hate You Left Me Here Alone.
Only Sitting By A Stone.
We Only Had A Short Time Together.
But You Will Always Be My Lexie Forever.


When you came into my life
I knew you were going to be
my baby girl, you had the face
of an angel, the day you got sick
I didn’t think it was anything serious
I thought you would pull through and still
be sleeping in the bed cuddled up to
me, the day we went to the vet and
I held you close, I was praying
you would get to come back home,
but I knew you couldn’t, it was time
for you to go, every time I close my eyes
a see that sweet little face and wish you
were still by my side, now all I have
is your collar and a cross, but I know
you are in a better place, away from all
your pain, I still know you’re here,
everytime the wind blows, the sun sets,
evertime it rains, just remember you will
always be my Lexie girl…


I Love You Baby Girl,
Lexie Girl
14, Nov 2008