Liberty (Libby) by Denise, Pam, Randy, Eider & Vicky / Denise, Pam, Randy, Eider & Vicky

She hobbled into my life
From a life filled with strife
Her leg was broken, forever askew
Could I give her a chance anew?
Deep within the New England woods of fir,
Was this a perfect place for her?
The home check failed, panic set in
Where would this black and red dog fit in?
This was her last chance for a fresh start
But it wasn’t to be, it broke my heart
And when my faith had reached endgame
The Lord did whisper her name
To angels half a country away
They offered her a home to forever stay
Eternally grateful I am
That Liberty found Eider, Randy, and Pam
Her imperfections they did ignore
As she slowly limped through the door
All through her new life, I would enjoy many tales
Her and Eider frolicking in the woodland trails
Her devotion to her guardians was clear
No longer would she ever feel fear
Her soulful brown eyes enlivened with adoration
Her new family she thought was the best in creation
Her years were happy and long
That twisted leg became strong
She blossomed into a creature full of pride
No longer would she have to hide
As life began to take that dreaded turn
Turn back the clock her family did yearn
Slowly her life began to painfully fade
A difficult decision by her Angels had to be made
Should nature take the lead?
Or should they honor her with an unselfish deed?
Looking into her soul, they felt a love so true
They knew now what they had to do
Tears flowed as she gazed into their devoted eyes
Knowing it was to be the last goodbyes
I know her memory will forever live
In the hearts who gave her a second chance to live


In Loving Memory of A Brave and Gentle Soul,
Liberty (Libby)
29, Nov 2010
Denise, Pam, Randy, Eider & Vicky