Liesl by Mark & Melissa

Our Little Girl

So delicate and small
You jumped into my heart
It sure wasn’t long
Till we knew we would never be apart.

You were like my shadow
Following me everywhere I went
And you know what little girl
A gift from God you were heaven sent.

We took to each other fast
And best of friends we became
My little Angel bear Liesl
We were one in the same.

We walked we talked
We laughed we cried
My little girl and me
Our love could never hide.

You were more than a kiss
You were more than a touch
Someone to hold my trust
I never deserved so much.

We moved around a lot
But it did not matter where
As long as I was there
You surely did not care.

Along came Melissa
And it did not take long
Before you two blended
Much like a love song.

We both loved you so much
And you made us so proud
My goodness little bear
We were living on a cloud.

Along came our first house
And you made sure we knew
This is my house Mom and Dad
But you can live here too.

We spoiled you rotten
You spoiled us too
Sweet little Liesl
There was nothing you couldn’t do.

A snuggle bunny you were
Falling asleep in your beddy-bye
Whenever we wanted a hug
You never asked why.

You could be mean if you had to
To protect your Mom and Dad
A fierce mean rough bark
You pretended to be so bad.

Whenever we had to leave you
We always wished you well
Of all your places to visit
Nothing beat the Gram Hotel !!!!!

The older you got
The more you slowed down
Not matter what little girl
You were the talk of the town !!!

Nobody lives forever
We can’t always continue
We started to know it was time
And you did too.

It isn’t fair to suffer
When God needs you to come
Heaven was calling you
The deed had to be done.

When you love someone so much
It is hard to say goodbye
It hurts so bad little girl
We just have to cry.

We turned you over to God
And we need not fear
When we lose a love one
That was ever so dear.

We will miss you forever
No matter what we do
Sweet little Liesl
We will never forget you.

Don’t worry Mom and Dad
I am finally at ease
Up here in heaven
I do as I please !!!

I know it was hard
To bid me goodbye
I am content now
So please don’t cry.

Wuf wuf everyone
I will see you some day
Then we will all be together
Where we can laugh and play.

Mom and Dad
March 19th 2001


19, March 2001
Mark & Melissa