Lil Siser {Sissy} by Karen

My Heart And Soul”

You are my heart
And you are my soul.
So why are we apart?
And why is there a hole?

When I would cry
And be so sad
Then you would sigh
And make me glad.

When I was alone
With nothing to do
Then you would moan
So IÆd look at you.

You would make a face
So I had to smile.
YouÆd fill that place
There was no denial.

You took care of me
No matter what.
That I could see
You were no mutt.

You were my baby
And will always be.
There is no maybe
Because you loved me.

When late at night
When darkness fell
There was a light
That I could tell.

You shone so bright
To light my way.
The time is right.
I wish you could stay.

But all good times
Must come to an end.
So there is no crime
If my heart has to mend.

To heaven you went
To wait for me.
The angels were sent
To make you see.

Sissy there will be a day
You wait and see
When you will say
SheÆs here with me.

Author Karen Nugier

Poem written devoted to my pet Poodle Lil Siser “Sissy” who was born on January 22 1995 and who passed away on April 19 2001. May God take care of her until the time we are reunited in Heaven.



Lil Siser {Sissy}
19, April 2001