Lindsie Cuddlesworth by Hayley Geertsen / Your hero!

I found him in a dumpster.He was trapped and injured in a hamster wheel. My father was going to drop a sharp slice of metal on top of him.When it was almost to late,I grabbed it.I begged to keep him,but my dad wouldn’t let me.So I took him anyway.I just put him in my pocket.With of course a way to breath.He was acually small enough to!
That’s when I knew he must have been born there.I brought him home secretly and only showed mom.Mom could not have said no to such an inocent sweet little creature.That’s why I kept it such a secret with my mom.Later on,mom and I took turns taking care of him.It was way easier that way.Two years later something went very, very wrong.A stray cat came up to our house.I love cats, but after my sweet baby Minnieme died,I sort of took a break from having any cats.That wasn’t the problem though.On my break I had a playful for cats creature.My dad loves cats and he can’t just let a beautiful stray cat move on out in the wild.He just let him stay with us,stupidly.About three weeks later,we grew into loving the cat. This was not good at all.My dad got a new day job,Nils and I went back to school, and mom got a day job! That way,no one was around.Oh yeah,we named the cat Kitstra.Kitstra smelled something tasty that day,and when Lindsie was on her wheel, Kitstra jumped up onto the cabnet.Kitstra was scaring Linsie so much,that Linsie froze still.Kitstra thought Linsie was fake for a second.Then Kitstra pounced right on top of Lindsie killing her in seconds. She pawed her around for a while.The reason I knew all this, is because I was home with a broken leg.I couldn’t do anything about it. I’m so sorry Linsie Cuddlesworth!I could have helped,but your still with me!!!!


Forever and for always
Lindsie Cuddlesworth
Hayley Geertsen