Linkin by Carey / From all of us

Our sweet baby boy gave us the best 3 years
a cat could give someone one.

In Sept of 2003 we were looking to expand our family with bringing another cat in. We searched the papers and found a woman giving away kittens and thought, why not. I remember the night we went and picked him up, we walked into the house and was mortified by the condition, we were going to leave but this tiny skinny gray baby stood out from the crowd and i couldn’t just leave him there. I scooped him up and away we went. I knew from that moment on this cat was going to bring so much joy into our lives.

Only months of having him we noticed something was horribly wrong. We rush him into the emergency pet vet and had him looked at. The Vet took a sample of blood, it was then we would find out Linkin was feline leukemia positive, we were told to have him put down, but we refused. His sickness got worse before it would get better. In Dec 2003 we made the decision to have him put to sleep. Obviously being an emotional time everyone was a total wreak. The day came to say goodbye, and as he was laying lifeless on my lap a fellow cat came up to him to what seemed to be a last goodbye. It was then this tiny kitten jumped off my lap and ran to a food dish and started eating and acting like nothing was wrong. We ended up taking him to the vet anyways, but not to put him to sleep like we originally thought. He was fine, and normal and doing things kittens should do, we were totally amazed and knew it was a blessing.

As time passed we pushed back that memory out of our minds and acted like it never happened. He was happy and very healthy and over the next 3 years would give us the love and joy, that we wished for. He was such a fun loving cat who enjoyed playing fetch, climbing up the wall, chasing the little red dot from a laser beam. It those special memories will will never forget.

Just recently we noticed Linkin was losing weight, but at the time didn’t really pay attention. It was the middle of Feb. and we realized something was in fact wrong with him, he has a increased thirst and had problems with urinating all over. March 3rd 2007 we took him into the vets to see what was up, it was then we heard he was diagnosed with CRF (chronic renal failure) His Creatine levels at that time were in the mid 6’s. He left him at the vet’s all weekend to do IV fluids and see if we could bring his numbers down. After 3 days of fluids his Creatine levels dropped to a 5.9. We were then to start in-home therapy by doing sub-q treatments along with several medications. We were to come back in 2 weeks for a re-check. Not even a week and a half later and they rechecked his levels again, they have rose again, even higher than what we started off with, but we weren’t ready to give up hope. We kept on with the sub-q treatments and the medications. He had his good days and bad days, but most of them bad.

We had another re-check scheduled for March 24th, it was then we found out his levels increased again now to a 9.3. The vet was impressed on how lively he was, and told us he shouldn’t even be alive with numbers that high. We still weren’t giving up hope. How could we, we was eating and drinking and at times even playing, he seemed to be doing okay. Until this week came around.

He had one day where he played with a peacock feather, but I believe we was only playing to make his owners proud of him on how hard he was fighting to stay around. We took him back into the vet last night (April 5 2007) for another re-check on his Creatine levels, it was then we got the worse news ever. His Creatine levels couldn’t;t even be read on the machine which went up to 14. His potassium levels were at 9.3, once they hit 10 his heart would give up and he would pass on. We brought him home anyways with little hope left, but as he stopped eating and drinking we knew it was time. We took him in at 3pm and it was time to say goodbye. Our sweet baby boy put in one last fight
as they injected the meds.

The vet told us he gave enough to put a 40lb cat down, but not our tiny 6lber. It took another dose to finally relieve him of all the suffering. He’s in a better place now looking down on us. The vet tech who has handled his case from the time he walked into the door on March 3rd 2007 was there to help put our baby at peace. She is a wonderful lady who i think the world of. The vet clinic clipped some of his fur off to give to us, and even took pawprints on clay so we could take home and bake and have a memory of him forever.

So that’s the story of our sweet baby boy.
May he rest in peace.

RIP Our sweet Linkin, we love and miss you!!!


With love ,