Little Baby Ashley by Steve & Mark


We will always remember the few short years you graced our lives. You were always there for us through the good times and the bad gone are the funny things you used to do and the and the laughs we shared. Our memories and love will always hold true for you. We loved to look into those beautiful blue eyes of yours which always looked past us and deeply into our soles.You played so beautifully and care free our baby girl you turned happy times even happier. You are the love of our lives you were the life of our love. You gave us so many memories to cherish we will NEVER forget you our baby. When you died you took our hearts with you.You have left a void in our lives that will never be filled again. Your memories will always live on in our heart and minds you will NEVER be forgotten you have our love for all eternity.

Your daddies Steve and Mark

your sisters and brother Medina Rosie and Bubbie


Little Baby Ashley
30, Nov 2000
Steve & Mark