Little Belle by Kaylin Zimmerman / Kaylin

Little Belle was such a sweetheart. She meant and still means so much to me.

Like Ranger, she was protective. What she would do, say if the boys were pestering me on our walk, would growl warningly, especially when boys were throwing rocks at us.

Poor Belle was also accused of biting for no reason. But she had her reasons. Once she snapped at my sister. My Mom thought that Little Belle had done it for no apparent reason at all, but I know better because I saw that my sister had pulled Belle’s tail.

We all know that even a good natured dog, for instance Belle’s mother named Baby, would not allow anyone to pull her tail.

Little Belle and I used to have so much fun together. She would sleep with me at night, and in the day we would romp and play and chase each other in the yard. Baby and Belle used to play tag together, and I tought Little Belle tricks.

Her best two tricks were speaking and rolling over. When she barked, it was almost like thunder. If you brought out treats, she’d roll over until she got everything in both your hands(sometimes she’d try for your hands themselves).

Little Belle was put down because this time she actually bit. However, knowing past history, she most likely has a reasonable explaination on why. Little Belle wouldn’t bite for no reason, she just wouldn’t.

Since Little Belle left, everything has been so different. It feels as though she has taken a part of me with her. I know that she is now waiting for me. I’ll miss her.

I love you Little Belle. Wait for me.


Love Forever,
Little Belle
Kaylin Zimmerman