Little Cat by Mike / Mike

I lost a treasured friend today

The little cat who used to lay

His gentle head upon my knee

And share his silent thoughts with me

I said goodbye to you today, little cat

Fingers gently stroking your fur

You could scarcely raise you head to me

Yet you still calmed me with your purr.

Were you comfortable cradled in my arms

And did you know your time was near

Your wide green eyes held gentle love

And quiet pain but showed no fear

You slipped away so quickly

We weren’t sure you had gone

Our bouncy little cat is stilled

But you spirit lingers on

Little cat where are you?

Are you happy, are you strong

I feel your warmth your life your love

And still hear your purring song

Goodbye Little Man



You will live on in our memories,
Little Cat
31, Oct 2016